At-home training available on your gaming console. Buy now for $29.

An Extensive Curriculum on Driver Safety

Driving Essentials XE goes beyond basic driver training, providing challenging, real-world experiences such as inclement weather, distracted driving and complex traffic scenarios. The program is a complete training curriculum allowing students to learn and practice at their own pace, and in the safety of their own home.


Available on Your Gaming Console‚Äč

Driving Essentials XE has 10 in-depth lessons, 2.5 hours of training and unlimited practice drives all using either Xbox One or PS5 gaming consoles. With the simplicity of using your own console, this is the easiest way to ensure young drivers are ready to drive safely from the start.

Simulated Dangers for Real World Safety

Simulation allows you to practice what to do if a hazardous situation should present itself, giving you the best possible chance of surviving or avoiding a crash. Simulators have also proven far more effective in the amount and retention of knowledge versus conventional classroom teaching.


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