The most immersive boating skills course available.

A Highly Immersive and Engaging Experience that Closely Mimics the Real Thing

Safe Boating VR is a 100% immersive experience using virtual reality, accurate boat and water physics, and richly familiar scenarios to create a realistic training environment that mimics the experience of operating a real boat. 

Practice Boating in a Safe, Controlled Environment​

The user will experience a full curriculum of basic boat handling skills and water safety, along with advanced skills such as navigation.

Users Can Practice and Refine Their Skills Until They Feel Confident in Their Abilities

Safe Boating VR builds confidence for those who are new to boating and promotes safe boating practices for all skill levels.

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Boating safety is the priority of the United States Power Squadrons. Offering this hands-on simulator will be a fun experience among new and experienced boaters alike.

Lisa Herndon, Project Manager Boating Skills Virtual Trainer USPS

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